I can and I will...


1)The Law of the Mastermind  or harmony of purpose and effort, between two or more people. A master mind is the alliance of two minds joining in a harmonious way. The power that is formed from two or more minds coming together is more powerful than one alone. This is strictly for minds who trust each other and are interested in the good success of all parties involved.

2) A Definite Chief Aim .You need to set an objective before you can achieve it. Not having a solid aim to focus on can not possibly get you to it. You have to know what you want so that you can start receiving it.

3) Self-Confidence .Believe that you are worthy of success and that you can attain it. Without this simple understanding- truly understanding it- you will probably get nowhere with most of your goals. If you are not confident, then you cannot sell yourself in life.

4) Habit of Saving. Stop trying to get a Cadillac if you feel more comfortable paying for a Ford. You are on the path to easily affording a Cadillac.

5) Initiative and Leadership. Leaders are not always spoken of sweetly. This should not deter you from becoming a leader. It is only "genius" that attracts the attention of critics. Nobody bothers slandering a person who isn't somewhere near the upper rings of the ladder of success.

6) Imagination. Dream, and use your imagination to help lead you to the attainment of your goals. The making good decisions comes with use, and your intuition will always lead you toward your dream. Dreams and actions are closely related.

7) Enthusiasm. Compels you to act. Mix enthusiasm with your work- do something you are enthusiastic about- and you will not get tired nearly as quickly.

8) Self-Control. Auto suggestion is like reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe what you want it to believe- to replace your old beliefs with new ones that will serve you better.

9) Doing More than Paid For

10) A Pleasing Personality. Mediocrity does not care if you are pleasant or not. Success does.

11) Accurate Thinking. Sort "facts" from "information", and use auto-suggestion in conjunction with focused thoughts.

12) Concentration. Concentration is the act of focusing the mind upon a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.

13) Cooperation The implementing of cooperation between you and others who are going to help you get to your goal .Cooperation must also exist between your conscious and subconscious mind so that they may work harmoniously in your favor.

14) Profiting by failure. Fail, and be happy that it is bringing you one step closer to success. Failure is inevitable, and it is a great step towards the right direction. Replace "failure" with "temporary defeat"

15) Tolerance. Just see the best in people and situations, and focus only on your goal and the good for all.

16) The Golden Rule or  the universal law of human conduct to   get harmonious co-operation from any individual or group of individuals.



1) Ligji i mendjes mjeshtërore  ose i harmonisë së qëllimit dhe përpjekjes, në mes të dy ose
me shume njerezish.
2) Një qëllimi kryesor i percaktuar.
3) Vetë-besimi
4) Zakoni i kursimit
5) Iniciativa dhe udhëheqja
6) Imagjinata
7) Entuziazmi
8) Vetë-kontrolli
9) Të bësh më shumë se sa  paguhesh
10) Një personaliteti i kënaqshëm
11) Te  mendosh  saktë
12) Përqendrimi
13) Bashkëpunimi
14) Te  përfitosh  nga dështimi
15) Toleranca
16) Rregulla e Artë ose ligji universal i sjelljes njerëzore, bashkëpunimi me  individ apo grup