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You learn that we shall never tell a child that dreams are silly...

You learn

You learn that the true friendships, 
Continue to grow even from miles away. 
And that what matters isn't what you have in your life, 
But who you have in your life.
And that good friends are the family which allows us to choose.

You learn that we don't have to switch our friends, 
If we understand that friends can also change.
You realize that you and your best friend can do do anything, or nothing,

And have good moments together.
You discover that the people who you most care about in your life,
Are taken from you so quickly,
So we must always leave the people who we care about with lovely words,
It may be the last time we see them. 

You learn that the circumstances and the environment have influence upon us,
But we are responsible for ourselves. 
You start to learn that you should not compare yourself with others,
But with the best you can be.
You discover that it takes a long time to become the person you wish to be, 
And that the time is short. 

You learn that it doesn't matter where you have reached,

But where you are going to.
But if you don't know where you are going to, anywhere will do.
You learn that either you control your acts, or they shall control you.
And that to be flexible doesn't mean to be weak or not to have personality,
Because it doesn't matter how delicate and fragile the situation is,
There are always two sides. 

You learn that we shall never tell a child that dreams are silly,

Very few things are so humiliating,
And it would be a tragedy if she believed in it.
You learn that when you are angry, you have the right to be angry,
But this doesn't give you the right to be cruel.
You discover that only because someone doesn't love you the way you would like her to,
It doesn't mean that this person doesn't love you the most she can,
Because there are people who love us, but just don't know how to show or live that. 

You learn that sometimes it isn't enough being forgiven by someone,

Sometimes you have to learn how to forgive yourself.
You learn that with the same harshness you judge,
Some day you will be condemned.
You learn that it doesn't matter in how many pieces your heart has been broken,
The world doesn't stop for you to fix it. 

You learn that time isn't something you can turn back,

Therefore you must plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure.
You really are strong. 

And you can go so farther than you thought you could go.

And that life really has a value.
And you have value within the life.
And that our gifts are betrayers,
And make us lose
The good we could conquer,
If it wasn't for the fear of trying
William Shakespeare

Kam mësuar...
Kam mësuar që të rritesh nuk do të thotë të festosh përvjetoret.
Që heshtja është përgjigja e duhur kur dëgjohet një idiotësi.
Që të punosh nuk do të thotë vetëm të fitosh para.
Që miqtë fitohen duke treguar se cilët jemi realisht.Që miqtë e vërtetë qëndrojnë me ne deri në fund.Që gjërat e këqia shpesh fshihen pas një pamje të parë të mirë.Që natyra ëshë gjëja më e bukur e kësaj jete.Që kur mendoj se di gjithçka, ende nuk di asgjë.Që një ditë e vetme mund të jetë më e rëndësishme se shumë vite.Që mund të bisedosh me yjet.Që mund t'i rrëfehesh hënës.Që mund të udhëtosh në pafundësi.Që është e shëndetshme të dëgjosh fjalë të mira.Që është e nevojshme të ëndërrosh.Që mund te jesh femijë gjatë gjithë jetës.Që qënia jonë eshtë e lirë.Që Zoti nuk të ndalon të bësh diçka në emër të dashurisë.Që të vetëgjykohemi nuk është dhe aq e rëndësishme, kur në të vërtet ajo që ka rëndësi është paqja shpirtërore.E më në fund kam kuptuar që nuk mund të vdesësh për të mësuar të jetosh...!
William Shakespeare.


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