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Things you can do to bring good luck in 2017...

I mean who doesn’t want to be lucky?
Here they are some of the most popular New Year's Eve traditions and things you can do to bring good luck in 2017.

1-Nosh on greens.These coin-shaped legumes are lucky in Brazil and Italy and are said to have been eaten for luck since the Roman times.

2- Mexicans celebrate by eating 12 grapes at 12 midnight one for each 12 minutes with a special wish for good luck. Eating twelve grapes at midnight, one for each chime of the clock.

3-The Greek tradition this involves a special lemon-flavored cake called a vasilopita baked with a coin inside Bake a coin into a cake Whoever finds the coin gets a year of good luck.

4- All of your windows and doors should be left open. This will let the old year's experiences, negative things and you will have a fresh start going into the New Year. 

5- Having money in your pocket when you ring in the new year symbolizes starting the year by keeping the money flowing.

6-In Germany, many chimneys sweep ashes on their forehead for good luck and health.

7- Walk out of your house with luggage open. This will bring luck so that you travel a lot throughout the new year.

8- In Ireland is a very old custom, is for unmarried women to be placed under the pillow Mistletoe leaves developers. It is believed to bring good fortune, hoping to find love in the new year.

9- Wear red underwear for love, or green underwear for money, yellow for prosperity in the new year.

10- Take a broom and sweep out your door at midnight. This will take all the negativity out of your life for the new year. 

11-Kiss at midnight bringing luck to the relationship. Another popular belief is kissed someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and you will have a year of luck in love.

12- Eating Pork is a symbol of good luck because pigs root forward, which is obviously the direction you want to go in the New Year.

13. Fish are lucky in their scales to resemble coins, they travel which represents prosperity, and they swim forward, symbolizing progress.

14-It’s recommended to wear any of these six lucky colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Magenta or Pink. So to be in harmony with the energy of the New Year.

15-Put Money In Your Shoe. All you do is fold a dollar bill inside your shoe and keep it in there through midnight. You can also hold the money in your hand or in your pocket. It should guarantee wealth in the next 12 months.

16-In China the New Year’s meal always includes noodles, Japan has the same belief and serve noodles on New Year’s Day.

17-Start the Year Off on the Right Foot.

18- Don't forget the champagne! Toasting at the stroke of midnight is a New Year’s Eve tradition.

19-In Russia is very similar to how we celebrate Christmas in the West. One wish-making custom on New Year's Eve is to write your wish on a piece of paper, burn it, and mix the ashes in your champagne glass before drinking it at the stroke of midnight.

20-Lighting candles of a certain color can help bring all sorts of good fortune! Red is for love, yellow will help with finances and green brings good health.

Do you have any crazy New Year’s traditions? Please share below!


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